Quick Thought About Parenting

It is often said that parenting doesn’t come with a handbook.  There couldn’t be, because we are all unique individuals, and we each require a different parenting approach.  This is no more obvious than in a larger family.  When you have your second child, you quickly realize that all that confidence and parenting expertise you developed with your first baby just doesn’t apply to your second.  There isn’t a one-size-fits-all parenting approach with multiple children – unless your parenting approach is to develop an individual approach for each of your children.  By the time we had our third child, we came to a very important conclusion: this whole parenting thing is one giant relational experiment.  And since we’re constantly adjusting and changing, learning and growing, and trying really hard not to screw up our children too much, we realized something else: we are completely unqualified to give any kind of parenting advice to anyone.  The best we can do is to share what we’ve learned through our own children, and hope that the information is helpful on some level for other parents as they relate to their own children.

~ Jeremy

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