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Get your FREE initial private coaching consult session with relationship and family coaches, Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber. 

Hi, we’re Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber. When it comes to managing relationships, we have plenty of experience in our own lives over 26 years and 8 children together and in helping others. For the last 12 years, we have been helping other families reach their relationship goals and we’re ready to support you in reaching yours as well.


We are educators at heart and we are here to support YOU in your relationship challenges, be it with your partner, your children, or wanting to establish a culture of communication within your own family. We want to help you!

When you purchase this free private coaching, you’ll receive a link to a form to fill out to get you started. Once your form is submitted, you will be contacted to schedule your first session. We look forward to chatting with in your private coaching consult!


Do you want more in your relationships?

Everyone needs a little support now and then.

We’re here to support you.


We’re Jeremy and Jessica Martin-Weber, parents of 8 children, partners of 27 years, business partners, and relationship, family, and parenting coaches.

Drawing on a rich background in education, victim’s rights advocacy, support group leadership, mentoring, coaching, and our own personal experiences including living with neurodiversity (our own and our kids), leaving a cult, and being a third culture kid, we prioritize authentic connection that is realistic for our clients.

We’d love to help you develop the practical action steps that strategically support you in reaching your relationship goals.

Working with you, we’ll assist you in identifying the barriers to what you really desire in your relationships, whether that’s with your partner, coworker, parent, friends, or your children so that you can intentionally develop the authentic connection you crave.

Some areas of focus within our scope:

Conflict resolution
Division of responsibility
Teaching and modeling healthy communication
Developing emotional intelligence
Finding balance
Life after growing up in a cult
Understanding and working with different personalities
Establishing and conducting family meetings
Behavior as communication
Understanding age appropriate behavior
Managing Sensory Overload in the family environment
Partner intimacy
How to teach children about sex
How to teach children healthy conflict resolution
Building and maintaining intra-family connections
Parental relationships with children
Identifying and setting practical boundaries
Parenting for the long haul
And more

Sometimes the best help you can receive is from people who have been there, or just have a whole lot of experience in the right area. Longing for more true authentic connection? In search of balance with your partner? Want to make it easier for your kids to talk to you? Tired of conflict? Desperate to stop lashing out in rage?

Your relationships are important but that doesn’t make them easy. Let us help you with customized, practical support that respects your values to help you achieve your relationship goals. Focused on practical action steps, our relationship coaching supports you in identifying what it is you really want for the relationships in your life so you can have stronger, deeper, and healthier connections with those you love. Beyond pie in the sky, nebulous ideals, our relationship coaching gets down to the nitty gritty and brass tacks to make real change with a lasting difference.

Not sure this is the right approach for you?
The first meeting with us is FREE – no obligation to continue. 

We don’t presume to believe that we’ll be the best fit for everyone, so if you come out of your free session thinking that it’s not going to work with us, then great! Hopefully that experience will provide some clarity as to what will work for you.

3 reviews for FREE consultation for relationship and parenting coaching

  1. Amanda

    After a few years of couples counseling, parenting coaching has been exactly the right thing to help us get to the bottom of our struggles personally with parenting as well as together. Every session we leave with practical things to try.

  2. Heather Burdeaux

    I was struggling with a change of roles this year as I gave up my profession to focus on my 2 adult children with special needs. I knew exactly who to turn to – Jessica and Jeremy. There skills in both life and parenting coaching helped me figure out my personal and family goals and guided me in defining my questions. They are really good at listening and understanding!

  3. Erin Branson

    Jessica and Jeremy came into my life initially through the lactation support platform, The Leaky Boob. Jessica’s down-to-earth way of supporting contributed so much to my feelings of ease when it came to my second time breast-feeding. After a while, I became aware that Jessica and JEREMY also offered support in the parenting and relationship realm. Jessica and Jeremy allowed me the wonderful opportunity to participate in their coaching program while it was in its guinea pig phase, which made accessible something I had never been able to utilize before. Since then, and it’s been a year or two, I have greatly enjoyed the pleasure of benefiting from their support through this program. It has helped me nurture a better relationship with my two children, navigate their having a large age gap, and also improve my communication with my spouse so that our family has a happier, warmer atmosphere. When the going gets tough for my family, I know that I can rely on Jessica and JEREMY for sound, well thought out advice that challenges social norms and entrenched unhealthy thought patterns that I am still working to change. If you have ever felt like you needed a safe, secure, sounding board that could help you grow as a parent and human being, the coaching services from Jessica and JEREMY are a wonderful resource to consider. I 1000% recommend giving them a try!

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