Communication 101 Masterclass Series


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Treat yourself – and your partner – to the gift of improved communication this year!

This listing DOES NOT INCLUDE the group coaching option for further exploration and discussion of the individual masterclasses in this series. For more information on the group coaching option offered with this masterclass series, please click here

This masterclass series is designed for unique customization capabilities for each participant to understand their own communication and that of others in their life better. Move from reactionary communication to intentional communication that leads to authentic connection. Reduce conflicts, improve understanding, hear and be heard well, truly see others, experience safety in expressing emotions, and collaboratively establish communication agreements through the proven strategies provided in this course.

For the initial launch of this bundle of 5 masterclasses on Building Intentional Connection through Communication you have the option of adding 6 group coaching sessions to discuss each masterclass with 7 other couples/individuals and their direct practical application to your own important relationship – all led by Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber, professional relationship and communication coaches. For more information on adding these group coaching sessions, please click here. Space is limited, so sign up today!

Materials included in this masterclass series:

  • Access to the 5 masterclasses as videos on demand that you can watch anytime once they are released according to the initial paced schedule (see below)
  • Audio files to watch and listen to whenever you want once they are published
  • Companion worksheets for each masterclass
  • Suggested conversation and reflection prompts
  • Access to Google Document list of resources
  • Optional: add a monthly private coaching session for $175 each (50% off regular fee)

What you can access only by adding the group coaching sessions option:

  • Six 75 minute group coaching sessions with personalized community support focused on communication (group size limited to 8 households)
  • Each group coaching session will be recorded so you can view it before the next session
  • Access to private Facebook group exclusive to this group coaching series

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Invest in your relationship with this new masterclass series designed to help you and your partner improve the way you communicate with each other.

This masterclass series is launching January 11, 2024 with a new masterclass available to view every other week.

Learn about individual communication styles to better understand yourself and others in communication, practice evidence-based techniques for clear communication, and collaborate with those in the important relationships in your life to establish agreements that support everyone hearing well, being heard, and being seen fully.

As a couple that has had plenty of ups and downs these last 27 years together, Relationship, Family, and Parenting coaches Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber understand the key role that communication plays in determining connection and satisfaction in relationships. They’ve learned a whole lot from their own experiences as well as researching what makes relationships work. This masterclass and group coaching series focuses not just on the what or why, but on the HOW – the practical strategies that improve communication and lead to better connection in relationships. 

This is the full schedule of topics and their release date in this masterclass series:

  • Communication Identity – May 16 video release
  • Communication through Connection – May 23 video release
  • Communication Agreements – Part 1 – May 30 video release
  • Communication Agreements – Part 2 – June 6 video release
  • Communication that repairs – June 13 video release

Here’s a short description for each of these masterclasses:

Communication Identity
Understanding your different communication needs and styles. Identifying your communication background, your relationship with communication, your communication needs and styles, your communication barriers, how this intersects with your partner, and how it impacts your relationship. Be able to identify the different types of communication and the ways they may be used including verbal and non-verbal communication. In this masterclass learn the tools you need to be able to clarify your communication purpose, goals, and values with an understanding of your communication identity individually and in your relationship.

Communication through Connection
Deepening connection and intimacy through communication. Explore how communication can strengthen a relationship through intention and effort in practical ways that fit a range of skill levels, needs, and styles. Set all partners up for success through communication that supports and grows relationship with meaningful conversations, empathetic listening, positive communication experiences, alternative communication pathways, respectful connection, and affirming communication habits that support and honor individual and relationship boundaries. In this masterclass learn the tools and practices needed to have a secure communication culture in your relationship that promotes safety, builds trust, facilitates authentic connection, reduces tension, lowers resentment, and overall improves relationship satisfaction. 

Communication Agreements – Part 1
Collaboratively foster connected communication with mutual agreements for communication that respect the unique personalities, needs, and goals in the relationship. Determine the specific agreements necessary to protect and promote your connection in practical, attainable ways that fit your lifestyle and relationship with clear approaches for reviewing and assessing. In this masterclass learn the tools required to cooperatively set agreements on what constitutes communication and what is involved in that, what is communicated, how it is conveyed, when this happens, what to do about barriers, strategies for when there are violations, and how to reevaluate and adjust as needed.

Communication Agreements – Part 2
Building trust through predetermined guidelines for conflict by prioritizing the relationship and connection over winning or being right. Equip yourself and partner to truly hear each other, to be and feel heard even when in dispute. Support the relationship through mutually established standards for disagreeing, arguing, debating, and fighting that value the persons and relationship first. Working together, set expectations with empathy that allow for honest personal expression that doesn’t cause harm. In this masterclass learn the tools that will keep conflict from being threatening, contentious, or damaging.

Communication that Repairs
Truly see each other through an evidence-based process that brings you closer together through authentic repair. Find your unique repair style and develop your relationship repair language that meets everyone’s needs with grace and care. Shift to a deeper understanding of each other in the process of safely communicating mistakes, hurt, apology, restitution, solutions, and resolution. In this masterclass learn the tools that will support your relationship communication culture with meaningful and genuine repair that is safe and understanding.


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