Practical Boundaries Masterclass & Workbook


From partners, parents, in-laws, friends, children, employer, co-workers, neighbors, and any other type of relationship, boundaries are essential in caring for the relationship. But it can be tough to know what boundaries you need, how to set them, how to communicate them, and what it looks like to hold them. And how do you do that without being a… you know what?

You’re not alone, we can do this together in this laid back Practical Boundaries Masterclass & Workbook, with Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber of Martin-Weber Coaching and We’re All Human Here.



The Practical Boundaries Masterclass & Workbook presented by We’re All Human Here with Jessica and Jeremy of Martin-Weber Coaching clarifies what boundaries are (and what they are not), signs boundaries are needed, and the process for identifying, communicating, and holding boundaries with a step by step approach. This approach hacks the boundary holding experience to fit the context of the individual personalities and relationships involved. In the Practical Boundaries Master Class and Workbook, walk through figuring out your boundaries with support in troubleshooting the unique difficulties and barriers you may encounter in your specific circumstances.

Work at your own pace, watch or listen to the Practical Boundaries Masterclass on your own time to the video on demand or audio file and go through the Practical Boundaries Workbook on your own terms

Designed specifically for the Practical Boundaries masterclass, the digital workbook is a companion to the Practical Boundaries masterclass. The Practical Boundaries Workbook is not intended to be used independently but is most effective as a tool for following along during the Practical Boundaries Masterclass and for reference use in ongoing personal boundary work after taking the class.

We recommend using this e-workbook in whatever way works best for you, while viewing or listening to the Practical Boundaries masterclass. You could view it digitally while taking notes in a personal journal, print it as-is or in black and white and mark it up as a hard copy.


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