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Sometimes relationships just click and feel like they hardly require any effort on our part. They give us life, energize us, give us hope, encourage us, are meaningful is more ways than we are even aware of or can put down into words.

And sometimes relationships can be so challenging that we’re completely drained, confused, discouraged, stuck, and even disconnected from our own selves. Relationships are hard! And most of us don’t just click with everyone, let alone everyone all the time. And that’s especially hard when the people we aren’t clicking with are our partners or significant others, our family, parents, or our own kids.

Sometimes what we really need is an encouraging outside perspective to help see us through the hard times. People that believe in us when we’re not sure we believe in ourselves anymore. People who have hope when we’re fresh out of hope. People who have ideas and solutions and can help figure out the next step or two to lead us to healthier relationships when we feel lost.

With 8 kids and 24 years together as a couple, we, Jessica and Jeremy, have extensive experience relating to the people we love in all sorts of ages and stages and have figured out a way or relating and doing life together that values each person and invites open lines of communication. It’s not that we never have conflict; it’s that we’ve learned how to have healthy conflict that is respectful and kind.

And as educators at heart, we want to help you figure out how you can move toward healthier relationships as well.

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