Raising Girls Feels Like Throwing Money Out the Window

The following gifs are my reaction to one with the same image that got popular this week with the caption “How It Feels Raising Girls.”
We found it decidedly not funny, as it expresses that raising girls is like throwing money out the window – as if it is a waste of money to spend money on girls. Not just any people, or all kids – specifically girls.
Granted, we may be *a little* sensitive on this subject, seeing as how we happen to be rearing 6 girls of our own. Spending money on them is not only necessary, it is a pleasure. I can think of many, many other things that feel like a waste of money, and yet, if I choose to spend money on them, am I not deciding that they are worth investing in?
Like the monthly rent. I am grateful to have a place to call home.
How It Feels Renting A Home
Or our awesome older car. Sure, it needs repairs from time to time, but isn’t that simply the reality of owning a car? I am grateful for our awesome older car. It gets us to where we need to get going, even if it’s just the grocery store.
How It Feels Owning An Awesome Older Car
“Wasting our money” on this or that is a matter of personal perspective. What is worth investing money in to one person may be completely unimportant to another.
But spending money on our kids? On our boys? On our girls? Are we ok saying that we are wasting money on them?
How It Feels Raising Kids
I am not.
Arguing that something is funny when it offends someone else dismisses their own perspective, and may also mock their personal values.
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How it feels owning a pet
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One more just for fun. I know that for many people investing in the arts is a waste of money. For me, long-time musician, writer, and lover of beautiful and meaningful things, investing in the arts is worth every penny. If you feel the same way, would you consider supporting our ballerina, our eldest, as she pursues her attendance at a 6 week intense training program in Milwaukee this summer? She is over half way there, but needs a little more help to be able to afford it. Here is the link to her fundraiser. Thank you for considering it!
How It Feels Supporting the Arts
~ Jeremy
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