“Why Your Kids Fight So Much and How to Change It” masterclass


Will my kids ever stop fighting? In this masterclass we offer reasonable and evidence-based strategies that can change sibling conflict in lasting ways.

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Details about this masterclass:

  • presented by Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber, relationship, family, and parenting coaches
  • the masterclass is available to watch anytime you want as a video or audio on demand
  • follow along with the provided outline
  • discounts on additional resources


Kids fight. Brothers, sisters, siblings for sure but also friends, acquaintances, and even complete strangers on the playground.

What can you do about it? Leave them be and hope they figure it out before they’re adults picking fights at holiday family gatherings? Or shut it all down and separate them, crossing your fingers they won’t grow up to just walk away every time things get hard?

Thankfully, there’s a middle ground where you don’t have to be judge and jury and you can support the kids in your life in developing the skills they need to navigate conflict in healthy and connecting ways.

Arguments, fights, disagreements, and conflict in general are a part of the human experience. Particularly for developing humans. Children in all stages of development can learn conflict resolution skills and though it may not seem like it, actually will want to. Kids don’t like fighting, even if it seems like they must because it is happening so often.

Equip yourself and the kids in your life with practical conflict management strategies that build confidence, connection, and bring about more peace. Through this masterclass you will learn down to earth evidence-based techniques for yourself and your children that fit your life and goals today.

After this masterclass you will be able to:

  • Identify why your kids are really fighting.
  • Understand how they experience conflict and what is going on for them.
  • Regulate your own nervous system to be able to respond calmly.
  • Be clear on your own values, goals, and purpose when it comes to your children’s conflict.
  • Determine your own strategies for how you want to handle conflict.
  • Approach your kids’ conflict with empathy.
  • Get ahead of regularly recurring conflicts.
  • Avoid common conflict escalation mistakes.
  • Stop being judge and jury in your children’s conflict.
  • Support your children in resolving their own conflict.
  • Guide your children through meaningful repair.
  • Strategize genuine solutions for moving forward.
  • Reduce the number of fights and arguments that happen.
  • Prevent possible future conflicts.
  • Protect your relationship with your children.
  • Provide meaningful care for your children’s relationships with their siblings.
  • Get buy-in from your children in this process.

This three hour masterclass is full of evidence-based practical strategies that will change the course of sibling conflict in your home. Divided into chapters to make it easier to watch or listen to the parts you need most, view or listen on demand and transform how your family handles conflict to achieve harmony, peace, and better connection.

Join relationship, family, and parenting coaches Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber in this 3 hour relationship-centric masterclass to help you determine the strategies that are right for you. Watch or listen to this pre-recorded masterclass whenever works for you as a video on demand.

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