“Internet, Devices, and Your Family” masterclass


How do you manage screens, devices, and internet use in your home? With your kids? With your partner? With yourself?


Relationship, Parenting, and Family coaches, Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber, present the way they manage this challenge within their own family in a down-to-earth way with practical strategies you can try out right away in this 105 minute masterclass, now a video on demand that you can watch anytime you want after purchase.


IT IS possible to approach the use of screens, devices, and the internet with care, kindness, respect, and information, in a way that leads to family agreements that everyone understands and that take into consideration each person’s wants, needs, limits, and concerns. Find out how we do it in this masterclass!



Find a screentime balance that works for your relationships and family through collaboration that strengthens and connects rather than divides.

The presence of the internet and screen-based devices are clearly here to stay. And even though most of us grew up with screens and internet, the landscape and cultural norms have changed a lot since we were kids and teenagers.

How should we manage access to screens, devices, and the internet with our family? With our partner? With ourselves?

Our culture would encourage us to let each person determine that for themselves, while experts and studies warn us about the negative impact of unrestricted access.

How do we handle that without either imposing a form of martial law or allowing everyone to go screens-feral? How do we find balance without blow-ups, battle of the wills, wresting control, or invasion of privacy?

Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber share their own down-to-earth collaborative approach to handling this challenge in this 105 minute masterclass. Challenging us first to reevaluate the value of screens, devices, and the internet with a paradigm shift that works for us rather than controls us with shame, they then shift to a focus on establishing clear direction and strategies that you can explore and contextualize to your own relationships, family, and home. Sharing real life experiences and drawing on their own personal stories with their 8 children plus their expertise as teachers and relationship and parenting coaches, the shame-free conversation of this masterclass leaves participants with tools to make a plan of their own that honors personal values, goals, and purpose.

And Jessica and Jeremy wrap it all up with 15 practical strategies to get your own problem-solving juices going!

This masterclass is now available as a video on demand for you to watch anytime once you’ve purchased it. Buy it today and watch it whenever it works for you!


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