A Message for Mothers – You Matter. Every Day.

I really wanted to post something meaningful and encouraging for all the moms here before Mother’s Day, but I got stuck in the Coronavirus time-warp, realizing only 2 days before Mother’s Day that it was… 2 days before Mother’s Day.

So, if there was one thing that I would say to encourage mothers any other day of the year (which may actually be more meaningful for some), it’s this:

You are wonderful and worth celebrating every other day of the year too. Every day.

You are worth celebrating today.

And you have the right to do something FOR YOU every other day of the year too. You have that right every day.

You have the right to do something for you today.

And tomorrow.

If you read this and feel guilty about the prospect of doing something for yourself, then consider that it’s important for you to model this for your children. Do it for your children, and keep at it, until you some day you realize that you want to look out for your own needs for you – as well as for your children.

You are important. You matter. You are deserving of good things. Your needs do matter.

Ever day.


Right now.

~ Jeremy, dad of 7, soon to be 8
originally posted on Facebook, in the We’re All Human Here community group


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