Beyond gritty turkey sandwiches


Our family went to the beach for Mother’s Day this past weekend. We were the reflective ones on the shore Sunday afternoon. The water was cool, the sand soft, and the play fun. It was beautiful and special but just as you would expect from a trip to the beach there was sand in some unwanted places: our turkey sandwiches, massaged into scalps, the crotch area of bathing suits… Picturesque from a distance but hardly perfect in it. The grit, intense sun, and lecherous seagulls didn’t ruin it, just made it more real and gave us fodder for stories in the future.

Much like our family in real life; picturesque from afar but we’re aware of plenty of grit in it. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just what makes us real and separates us from the fake world of unrealistic expectations. I love my family, crunchy turkey sandwiches and all.


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