Couch date


Couch date. After getting kids settled, everyone is home from dance, and some cleaning up is done (by no means all of it) Jeremy and I settle down for some time just for us. A book, some wine, cherry tomatoes with fresh mozzarella balls and basil off our plant outside along with some roasted almonds and olives, and we’re on a date. In our living room. Just after we kick the older kids out and they head to their rooms to read. At first we sit without touching or talking, savoring our grown up snack and even more the silence. Then we move closer, letting our bodies touch. And once our minds have found adult thought within the space the silence created, we begin to talk. Our day, the week, relationships, ideas, theology, art, events, philosophy, and dreams. Until we’re too tired to talk any more. He is my best friend. He is my love.

Couch date. Cheap but oh so valuable. These cheap dates help keep our marriage rich.

~ Jessica


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