Beyond talking to myself


It is highly doubtful I need yet another project, there is too much on my plate already.  Yet here I am, writing for a new blog.  The thing is, even with so many plates spinning all the time, I’m constantly writing articles or blog posts in my head and I need a free outlet.  Like an ongoing dialogue, an endless supply of blog posts, there is a running commentary of my thoughts in my head just needing a place to call home.  Some may call this talking to myself but I call it writing.  All my best writing comes from such a place.

Ok, fine, I talk to myself.  Whatever.  I don’t think I’m the only one and when I’m helping a child go potty again or playing “so big” with Sugarbaby for the umpteenth time, it just happens.  Talking to myself or writing.  Is there really a difference?  Specially with blogging.

So I have too much on my plate and I talk to myself, yet here I am writing for a new blog. My new blog.  Actually, our new blog.  I’m not on this adventure alone, no, I have company.  I have company in just about everything I do from sleeping to going to the bathroom to having a google hangout meeting with a team in India to speaking events in Las Vegas.  In this space the reality of our family of 8 will spill over and The Piano Man and I will both be sharing with occasional contributions from our offspring.

Short and sweet or longwinded, poetry or photos, this will just be us and more.  Our mix of French and American cultures, our glorious chaos, beyond me, beyond him, beyond them, beyond us.  Family, life, parenting, marriage, art, writing, career, faith, homeschooling, and causes, just who we are and what we’re passionate about.  We’ll take risks, share our joys and our heartaches, our screw ups and our victories, what we’re struggling with and what we feel confident about, always real and honest.  We’re not looking for approval or acceptance, just being and always looking beyond ourselves, beyond today and embracing the journey.

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