Moving 2500 Miles Without a Safety Net – Crazy Faith or Crazy Stupid


9 days ago, I left Texas in our old minivan that had previously broken down on two separate occasions on the way to Colorado, without a clue as to where we were going to live when we all arrived in the Pacific NW. We felt it was the right thing to do, and had searched for a new home for weeks, without success. For years we had been waiting for a reason to leave Houston, but it was the possible fulfillment of Earth Baby’s dream ballet career that finally provided the right impetus for the move.

5 days ago, I arrived in Portland, OR in that same minivan, and it never broke down. I stayed with new friends in Vancouver, WA that night.


4 days ago, I looked at am amazing house that we found listed on Craigslist and applied for it, and then Jessica and the girls arrived that evening. We stayed in our new friends’ friends’ house that night, also in Vancouver. They went out of town for a few days and gave us, strangers, the run of the place. We took care of their chickens, ducks, and 2 skittish cats.

3 days ago, Earth Baby had her first ballet class in the area.

1 day ago, Jessica saw our dream house for the first time and fell in love with it and the family that has owned it for a century or so. That night, we were generously offered two places to stay (by friends of our new friends). We picked one house because it was vacant and we were looking forward to having some time away as a family, but there happened to be a plumbing issue with the one toilet of the house that made it impossible for us to stay there. So we drove an hour to option B, a wonderful couple and their 6 month old baby. They have invited us to stay for as long as we need to.

Today, I played for my first ballet class at Earth Baby’s ballet school, we all went out to buy some second hand cold weather clothes, and we found out tonight that our dream house is ours, as of this coming Tuesday!

Tomorrow, we are planning on braving rainy conditions to have some quality family time at a local Renaissance Festival, where kids 12 and under happen to be free this weekend.

Through the stress of getting to the area, the challenges of living with people, and/or in other people’s homes, figuring out meals, and not knowing where we were going to live, all of our needs have been met. We had people encouraging us, rooting for us, networking for us, feeding us, housing us, and praying for us. It’s hard to believe that all this has come together in support of our family. And yet, to me, it feels like a perfect example of faith. The loving people that have come to our aid strike me as a demonstration of the loving God we serve. Not one of these God-sends has complained or belittled us for moving without a plan, for following our heart and inconveniencing them, or freeloading. The only critique we have received has been from one distant person, and from our own feelings of doubt, asking us this simple question:

“Are you sure this is crazy faith, or are you just crazy stupid?”

What do you think?

~ Jeremy


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