4 Markers of Tech Readiness for Kids


In this 43 minute masterclass, we share the 4 evidence based markers to determine a children’s level of tech readiness and how these can take the stress, worry, and fight out of kid’s tech use.

Learn how to share those 4 makers with your kids to provide the basis to collaboratively create a strategy that meets everyone’s goals related to tech use/access/ownership.

Details about this masterclass:

  • presented by Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber, relationship, family, and parenting coaches, former teachers, parents of 9.
  • The masterclass is available to watch anytime you want as a video on demand.
  • It is also available as an audio file.
  • Discount codes for additional resources.


Set your children up for success with technology using these 4 markers to determine tech readiness as you go and stop fighting over screen time.

These tried and true strategies are designed to support a collaborative process between parents and their children to keep kids safe and give them the access to technology that is appropriate for their unique skills and capabilities. Rather than arbitrary ages that may not take into consideration each child’s individual needs and readiness, these 4 markers support children and their adults in connecting over tech while working to keep kids mental health and safety a priority.

We’re Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber, relationship and parenting coaches and have 9 children ourselves with a range of neurodivergence, mental health challenges, and giftedness. Our parenting started out authoritative, using punitive punishment and control but changed drastically after we went through a trauma and felt our parenting approach contributed to that. This led to a complete overhaul of our parenting to be more in line with our values, goals, and purpose. We know what it is like to struggle with a parenting paradigm shift.

In this 43 minute masterclass, we detail these 4 markers, share what it looks like to use them, and coach participants through collaborating with their children to put them in place.

Join relationship, family, and parenting coaches Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber in this relationship centric masterclass to help you determine the strategies that are right for you. Watch or listen to this pre-recorded masterclass whenever works for you as a video on demand. 

Use as a companion masterclass to our Internet, Devices, and Your Family Masterclass or independently for a practical strategy to reaching your goals regarding tech and your children today.

Purchase our entire Parenting with Connection Masterclass Series as a bundle! The topics in this series, and their availability, include:

  • Yell less and actually be heard – Available now 
  • Emotional regulation for the tapped out/burned out parent – Available now 
  • Why your kids are fighting so much and how to change it – Available soon
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